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10 Reasons to Choose IIMATT

10 Reasons to choose IIMATT


CMATT Designation gives you 4 career opportunities. You can get “Technical Analyst” job at any national or international Brokerage company. You can start your own Technical Analysis service for a Fee / Charge. You can teach Technical Analysis for a Fee / Charge. You can invest and start your own profitable trading by using Technical Analysis.


CMATT Curriculum is Practical in nature. You will get interactive training with Live question and answer sessions. CMATT curriculum is designed to give practical knowledge from the basics to the most advance level. With BMATT (Brain Trained Market Analysis and Technical Trading) you will practically be able to make profits with a strategy.


IIMATT gives Free BMATT Hybrid Trend Technical Analysis services for more than 20 Futures & Forex Markets. The Discretionary style Channel Action strategy generates profitable Buying and Selling zones which are statistically far better than those available freely on internet. IIMATT also gives professional guidance and personal assistance on BMATT Technical Analysis.


IIMATT provides selective quality News for more than 24 markets on daily basis. IIMATT team selects only those quality market news from reliable sources which matters the most for traders, investors and analysts. Instead of chaotic unimportant market news online, IIMATT gives only important news which has analytical value in an organized and efficient way.


IIMATT Trend forecast is a very useful tool for having a general idea about what may be the trend for the time period of current one week and one month. IIMATT covers commodities, currencies & stock indices and gives up to 75% accurate average price forecast using proprietary sentiment tool. Trend Forecast gets updated on weekly and monthly basis.


IIMATT daily generates BMATT Intraday Trading Signals for 22 markets including Futures Commodities, Forex Currencies and Stock Indices. These high probability trading signals are valid for next 24 hours. The BMATT Intraday signals also show past performance of “Last Day” and “Last 30 Days” Profit / Loss in Pips (Forex) and Ticks (Futures).


IIMATT Educational Video series creates a more engaging and richer experience for traders to learn about markets, trading and analysis. IIMATT covers a wide range of topics and gives the information which is vital for successful trading. IIMATT Educational video series is a great opportunity to learn Exchange Trading and is freely available on all social media platforms.


IIMATT offers you to register your account with IIMATT and get FREE professional guidance and personal assistance on your trading. IIMATT provides customized solution to your trading with BMATT Hybrid Trend Technical analysis and BMATT Intraday Trading Signals along with training from our professionals. IIMATT also provides Mechanical Trading System assistance for registered accounts.


IIMATT gives an opportunity for you to get compensation by referring your friends to CMATT Training Course. IIMATT gives 33% share of the total CMATT Fee for referring a friend. All you need to do is to register yourself as our affiliate and start referring your friends and colleagues. IIMATT also gives discount on your CMATT Training Course fee if you refer your friend to register for CMATT.


IIMATT conducts Free seminars and workshops in different cities and countries to give attendees a wealth of information in one place in condensed period of time. IIMATT gives traders, investors and analysts, the opportunity to meet IIMATT founders and trainers for LIVE learning. Seminars and Workshops are also great way to meet new likely minded traders in your city.