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Strategy Course

IIMATT (International Institute of Market Analysis and Technical Trading) now offers a 5-Day customized and personalized LIVE trading strategy course. The Course covers Discretionary Trading Strategies (Qualitative) and Mechanical Trading Strategies (Quantitative).


Course Content


01. Introduction to Exchange Trading

02. Top 10 Trading Mistakes and how to avoid them

03. How to choose the Best Broker

04. Personality Traits of a Successful Trader

05. How to control Emotions of Fear & Greed with a proven psychological trick & technique

06. Why price hit your stop loss and resume back? The real reason why price is 90% going against you and how to counter that.

07. Six (6) Liner Complete Channel Trading Strategy (Qualitative Model)

08. London & New York Session Complete Intraday Trading Strategy (Hybrid Model)

09. Long Term Trend following Complete Trading Strategy (Quantitative Model)

10. Automatic Signal Generator Software for MetaTrader Platform with Past Performance

11. Candlestick Patterns, Price Patterns and “Price Action” Hidden Techniques

12. Technical Indicators (Leading & Lagging)

13. Risk Management + Money Management + Reward Management


14. Complete Trading System from Initial Capital to Trading Strategy, Stop Loss, Profit Target, Market Diversification, Compounding, Withdrawal, Trading Platform, Compatible Broker and much more !
15. Customized and Personalized Question Answer Session.



Course Benefits

THREE major benefits of completing this Trading Course:

01. Higher chances of getting “Technical Analyst” job at a Forex or Futures Broker.

02. You can start your own “Technical Analysis” service for a Fee / Charge to investors and traders.

03. You can invest your own money and start earning from your investment.

About Trainer


Shayan Ali is the first technical analyst, trainer and book writer of Pakistan Mercantile Exchange. Shayan is also the founder of IIMATT and he started his financial career from trading Futures Contracts at Chicago Mercantile Exchange in 2008 from Pakistan. He specializes in Discretionary Analysis including Price Action, Pattern Detecting Strategies and Quantitative Mechanical Trading Systems for generating profits in exchange trading. Shayan also gives LIVE analysis and forecast for Commodities, Currencies and Stock Indices. Shayan is the writer and trainer of IIMATT Trading Courses and he gives personal and corporate training to active traders, brokers and institutional clients.




IIMATT (International Institute of Market Analysis and Technical Trading) is a professional market information, analysis, training and educational service provider to global active traders, analysts, brokers and corporate clients for financial markets. Financial services of IIMATT include Technical Analysis for Forex and Futures markets along with Trading Signals, Price Forecast, Market News, Education and Training. IIMATT conducts effective practical trainings in which investors learn how to trade financial markets, control Risk (Loss) and earn Profit (Reward) on consistent basis using professional trading strategies. IIMATT delivers quick and easy access to valuable market information that is vital for successful trading.


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